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Muscle Morph Coach’s mission is to help people succeed in reaching their fitness goals; whether this is fat loss, getting shredded, muscle gain, strength target or you have a particular body look you are trying to achieve.

Muscle Morph Coach has already helped many people reach their goals and has many more currently on their way to SUCCESS!


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Kyle, 32 , AUS
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"I always thought the way I exercise and eat was good. I blamed my slow and quite frankly poor results on genetics. I am glad my limiting beliefs were proven wrong. New strength bests in every area."
Becky, 28, UK
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"Easy to work with and goes above and beyond. You can really tell that this is his passion. I am currently the leanest and strongest I have EVER been."
Katherine, 31, UK
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"I went from a complete beginner to being confident in the gym by myself. I have learnt a lot about the importance of healthy eating. I now have a love for weight training and actually look forward to exercise. Thanks Muscle Morph Coach!"
Connor, 26, UK
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"Highly recommended. Never went to the gym before training with Erynn. I now understand what I am doing in the gym and have a good idea about diet and exercise. In just 12 weeks I went from squatting 60kg to hitting a personal best of 143kg."
Starvula, 28, AUS
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"So my goal was to get more toned and grow my glutes. I stuck with the multiple plans put in place, both the workout and meal prep. I am happy with my result and glad to have trusted in Erynn's methods"
Mitsy, 37, US
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"The impact of working with Muscle Morph Coach has had on my body and mind is AMAZING 😍 this has all been through Online Coaching. I have lost 17lb and counting! 10/10"
Hannah, 24, AUS
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"I trusted in Muscle Morph Coach to give me a specific diet plan as I had no idea about what foods to eat, portion sizes or when to eat. I had a training plan already in place so I just needed a diet to suit my lifestyle. I am a fussy eating and the plan allowed for this. I love all the meals and it is easy to stick to.10/10."
Jason, 29, UK
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"My aim was to drop a bit of fat and get stronger. After following the plan just for a couple of weeks, I could notice the progress was already coming. I have stuck with it and the improvements in my strength and body keep coming!"
Ben, 28, UK
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"I wanted to get leaner and stronger at the same time. Erynn put the plan in place and we made it happen. Looking forward to see how far we can take it!"
Anastasia, 26, Russia
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"I have always wanted abs but have never been able to see them. Muscle Morph Coach has gave me a plan which is easy for me to follow. This has all been over email and whatsapp yet the results are very real. Have already recommended to many people! Massive thanks again."
Jack, 27, UK
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"Erynn helped me solely from online communication. We had a chat and I explained what I wanted to do. I did not want to be overly strict on myself as I still want to have fun on the weekend. Erynn factored this in and made it work. The meals on the diet are actually awesome."

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