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"The photo on the left I my weight was 130kg and currently weighing in at 85kg. I started my weight lose journey on my own as I knew I needed a drastic change in my life, not only for my health but for my self confidence. Erynn showed me a way of losing weight that I could actually enjoy and make constant progress. More recently we have put changed the training and I can now bench press 90kg which is more than my current weight. This is the strongest I have ever at the same time as being the lowest weight I have been for a long time. He has educated me and made this a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Thanks for all your help!"

Nathan, 36, Australia
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"Muscle Morph Coach helped and educated me on how to drop fat through my diet and set a workout plan that was manageable and enjoyable with my busy schedule. This has been through online coaching Would highly recommend."

Adam, 33, UK
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"I lost 25kg over a 6 month period. My starting weight was 109kg and my target was 84kg. This was achieve through online coaching. I always believed that when I finally decided to lose the weight that it would be a horrible, grueling task. From start to finish I enjoyed the journey. I am so happy I made this life change I just wish that I decided to do it sooner. I feel I have the knowledge now to keep the weight off. My whole routine and habits have changed for the better."
Andy, 32, UK
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"Before starting with Erynn I was stuck in a bit of a rut. I started to lose control of my weight which had never happened to me before. I saw Erynn on Instagram and decided to get in touch to see if he could help me. I lost 8kg in 12 weeks with his coaching program. I feel like I have got back to where I was before 🙌 I feel like my whole mindset has changed in this short space of time. Weight loss was the goal but I got so much more. Thanks again 👌 RECOMMENDED to everyone haha"

Anna, 27, Australia
"I spoke with Erynn about dropping some weight and getting into better condition during the 3rd Uk lockdown, he gave me a great workout and nutrition plan. In 8weeks we dropped almost a stone and was in the best shape! Now back on the bulk and I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take it!!"

Matt, 40, UK​
"I decided I wanted to drop some weight and get some structure to my workouts and diet. I have lost 5.4kg so far from Erynn's Online guidance. He has made is very simple to achieve this. I thought I would have to eat super healthy foods all the time to get results but he has showed me that that is not the case."

Barry, 28, Australia ​
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"I have always wanted abs but have never been able to see them. Muscle Morph Coach has gave me a plan which is easy for me to follow. This has all been over email and whatsapp yet the results are very real. Have already recommended to many people! Massive thanks again."

Anastasia, 26, Russia​
"Highly recommended. Never went to the gym before training with Erynn. I now understand what I am doing in the gym and have a good idea about diet and working out. I have lost body fat and gained muscle all over my body. I have lost about 5kg. In just 12 weeks I went from squatting 60kg to hitting a personal best of 143kg."

Connor, 26, UK
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"Erynn helped me with my diet/workout plan and I am thrilled with the results. I got to where I wanted to be in much less time than I thought was possible"

Tahli, 28, UK
"I've been working with Erynn just over a year now and would highly recommend him. I've seen great results and have really learned from the process. Erynn asked lots of questions about myself so that the diet plan was completely tailored to my lifestyle and needs. The training plan changed the way I view working out in the gym and the methods I use for training. My body shape has completely changed and I have made serious gains in strength and feel that with this knowledge going forward I can make even more improvements."

Ana, 27, Australia
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"My aim was to drop a bit of fat and get stronger. After following the plan just for a couple of weeks, I could notice the progress was already coming. I have stuck with it and the improvements in my strength and body keep coming!"

Jason, 29, UK.
""Before working with Erynn, I worked out for about six months, and my progress was extremely slow, almost no progress at all. When I asked for his online help, I got more than what I thought I’d get. The diet and workout plans were tailored for my needs and updated regularly depending on my progress and weight. He made everything simpler for me, gave me feedback on everything and keep motivating me throughout these eight weeks. The meal plan he prepared is especially great. It’s not terrible like most diets; you get to eat what you actually like only in proper measures. I was always comfortable asking him questions, and he was always accessible."

Ali, 26, Australia
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"I came to Erynn wanting to make a change before an upcoming holiday. We only had 3 weeks and I was blown away what we could achieve in this small amount of time. I dropped 3.6kg in 3 weeks!!"

Ashlee, 31, Australia
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"When I first started with Erynn I was 15st 2lbs I was so over weight I had chronic back pain it was hard for me to do most tasks due to that, but after sticking to his plan for one month I managed to get my weight down to 14st. I can’t even remember the last time I had back pain now. My mood has changed from being not bothered to do much to now being able to do a lot more, I feel my strength coming back to me and I’m a lot more active thanks to Erynn. I will definatly be carrying on with him as soon as I can and I can’t recommend him enough. Diet plan was easy enough to follow and he was always quick to reply if I needed abit of guidance with the weight side of things! 10/10 from me"

Dan, 30, UK
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"Erynn helped me solely from online communication. We had a chat and I explained what I wanted to do. I did not want to be overly strict on myself as I still want to have fun on the weekend. Erynn factored this in and made it work. The meals on the diet are actually awesome."

Jack, 27, UK
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"I wanted to get leaner and stronger at the same time. Erynn put the plan in place and we made it happen. Looking forward to see how far we can take it!"

Ben, 28, UK
""I had been trying to find a coach for quite some time that I could trust with a injury that I had and needed to focus on my diet as well as getting my injury sorted. When I came across Erynn, I told him my goals as well as future goals and he came back with a program well suited to my needs. I saw a massive change in both my physical and mental health and was always feeling motivated with him. 10/10 would recommend 😊❤️"

Ashlea, 24, Australia
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"So my goal was to get more toned and grow my glutes. I stuck with the multiple plans put in place, both the workout and meal prep. I am happy with my result and glad to have trusted in Erynn's methods"

Starvula, 28, Australia
""As I have a very busy job that takes up a lot of my time my life seemed to consist only of working and coming home to be as lazy as I can and binge on poor choices of food, after years of this I decided that I am tired of having a sloppy rig, low energy and an awake-life that is only consists of working and sleeping. I have always liked the idea of getting into shape but have never been consitant enough to get results. I knew that if I didn’t seek professional help i will live my whole life without ever achieving results. I chose to sign up with Erynn as all the other online fitness programmes seemed to be full of meat head gym egos, Erynn is a very educated coach with a humble nature which is the type of coach I like to work with, since i have signed up with him I have lost nearly 10kgs and feel the best I have in years, Erynn always checks in with you every week to see how you are going and is understanding and aware with people who have busy life styles that might drop the ball on their fitness goals now and then, he doesnt belittle you and instead pumps you up with motivation if you might have had a bad training session week to keep you pushing through. Signing up to Erynn has been the best life decision as it has given me a new motivation in life to really give attention to my personal goals and not just live to work, i now wake up everyday and am excited to keep working on myself with clean diets and customised workouts, it is very affordable as instead of ordering uber eats half the week this money is now much better spent on a coach that can really turn your life around and I am very grateful to Erynn who has had a big impact on me.""

Rene, 33, Australia
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"I went from a complete beginner to being confident in the gym by myself. I have learnt a lot about the importance of healthy eating. I now have a love for weight training and actually look forward to exercise. Thanks Muscle Morph Coach!"

Katherine, 31, UK
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